Temper #1/2020: The R-Rated Revolutionary Issue

https://issuu.com/temper-magazine/docs/200516_final_lp_hoes_spreads Dear. All. Let me kick this thing off by raising a glass to each and every one of your delish selves currently gazing and gasping (good or bad – you know you subscribed, #evilgrin) at the landslide of letters, lyrics and imageries before you. The eye has to travel, now doesn’t it. Print is…Read more Temper #1/2020: The R-Rated Revolutionary Issue

Chinese Politiek En Censuur Door De Lens Van Mode En Kunst — NUFFIC NL (September 2019)

NUFFIC (Delft|Den Haag) Workshop 27 september 2019 : China door de lens van mode, politiek en censuur Spreker Elsbeth van Paridon, Temper Magazine en China Under The Radar Voertaal Nederlands Beschrijving Mode en politiek: wat hebben deze onderwerpen met elkaar te maken? Tijdens deze workshop komen de laatste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van mode, politiek…Read more Chinese Politiek En Censuur Door De Lens Van Mode En Kunst — NUFFIC NL (September 2019)

Planet China Vol. 6 Interview (July 2019)

Check out the voracious and “salacious,” artistic borderline hedonistic lineup Planet China has in store for its sixth Volume right here — listing the likes of film fest director Song Wen and controversy-courting cartoonist Badiucao. Plus a word or two with China Fashion and Urban Culture Groupie Elsbeth “Von” Paridon. #tomaetotomahto Line, hook, sinker. Click right here…Read more Planet China Vol. 6 Interview (July 2019)

China Underground Interview (May 2019)

Dominique Musorrafiti of China Underground puts Van Paridon in the hot seat. An excerpt: Before we get to that final bottom line, then, a little faddy party “did you know” fact! The Chinese word for “fashion” (时尚| shíshàng) only came into being after the creatively dire, “deconstructivist” days of the nation’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976; 文化大革命|wénhuàdàgémìng…Read more China Underground Interview (May 2019)

The Beijinger

November, 2017 -- Kyle Mullin of The Beijinger writes about the latest fad in Chinese smog masks and asks around for some "expert" opinions. Beicology all around. A preview: "The haze has been heavy lately, and we all, of course, know what that means: we should be strapping on air quality masks to ensure our lungs stay…Read more The Beijinger