The China Temper


About China Fashion, Design and Underground

Perpetually in pursuit of the greater good that is “China Fashion”, van Paridon set up The China Temper to help promote the dynamite dynamic fashion scene sprouting within Beijing, Shanghai and China overall. Catering to anybody and everybody who reads English and/or Chinese, Temper covers all the basics and bases. From China’s street style scenery to its budding photographers and internationally renowned designers: We present one hot-hip-happening current collective weaving The New “Made in China” tag.

The term “Made in China” is undergoing the ultimate 21st Century makeover. Escorted by the increasingly strong influence of a new thinking among China’s younger generations, regarding individuality and the expression thereof, the fashion scene in the Middle Kingdom is exploding. And stretches far beyond what meets the eye. It’s appliqué, one might say.


Temper goes to print — The Vanity Issue (No,2, 2018). Photography by MOOI Studio Beijing. All rights belong to Temper Magazine

Print And Digital Publishing

The China Temper in 2020 is slated to issue its brand new print edition called Temper Magazine in mid-May.

The Temper website publishes the latest in China Fashion, ranging from designer features to trending topics flanked by the more in-depth close-ups looking into China Fashion history, quirks and other more “indie” phenomena.

Sustainability, minority influences, urban underground, photography, branding, fashion tech, and so the list goes on, Temper Magazine serves ’em up.

With punch.