Temper Magazine

Perpetually in pursuit of the greater good that is “China Fashion”, I set up Temper Magazine to help promote the dynamite dynamic fashion scene sprouting within Beijing, Shanghai and China overall. Catering to anybody and everybody who reads English and/or Chinese, Temper Magazine covers all the basics and bases. From China’s street style scenery to its budding photographers and internationally renowned designers: We present one hot-hip-happening current collective weaving The New “Made in China” tag.
我创建的双语时尚杂志Temper Magazine,宣传介绍在北京、上海及全中国的有关中国时尚的最新前沿动态,关注并深度挖掘“中国时尚”内涵。迎合中外读者,涵盖时尚基础。从街头风格,到新秀摄影师,到国际知名设计师:Temper Magazine迅速捕捉并记录着这场炙手可热的新“中国制造”风潮。

The term “Made in China” is undergoing the ultimate 21st Century makeover. Escorted by the increasingly strong influence of a new thinking among China’s younger generations, regarding individuality and the expression thereof, the fashion scene in the Middle Kingdom is exploding. And stretches far beyond what meets the eye. It’s appliqué, one might say.

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