China Underground Interview (May 2019)

Dominique Musorrafiti of China Underground puts Van Paridon in the hot seat.

An excerpt:

Before we get to that final bottom line, then, a little faddy party “did you know” fact! The Chinese word for “fashion” (时尚| shíshàng) only came into being after the creatively dire, “deconstructivist” days of the nation’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976; 文化大革命|wénhuàdàgémìng in Chinese) were done and dealt with.

China Fashion and Design has now come a long way, baby. From a coerced creative and cultural wasteland to storming the vested houses of design, the New Made In China artistic collective embodies the explicit depiction of an insatiable lust for that ultimate seductive mix between the fashionable and wearable.

Comparing China’s emerging culture of youthful (in every way) urban style and individuality, would undermine the assessment of this unique evolution and rebellion in its own right. In life, who does not physically cherish the springtime of youth through art and design? A young brand to its wearer should be like a thread to a needle.

When it comes to your wardrobe, it should be about love and lust, top to bottom. About throwing caution to the wind. And that’s what The New Made In China tag is all about.


We have traveled from the omnipresent Minnie Mouse ears and FCUK ME, I’M CINESE (forgive me, I’m Dutch) Tees back in 2007 to the sleekly styled slick that is hardcore designer “stuff” in 2019.

LGBTQ- or Feminism-inspired brands boasting OTT androgyny, sustainable designers dancing to the tunes of tecno felt fabrics, crazy cool Breakfast Club kids venturing out into street-photography and creating their own street-style and -photography WeChat platforms to support the budding talent out there in urban China, tattoo artists defying both social gender and political censorship taboos, visual artists capturing the politics of a society changing at the speed of light and its implications for urban humanity, … You name it, they bring it.



Care to read some more of Van Paridon’s China yappings, then click right here for the full China Underground interview!

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